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*According to the Canadian Dental Association, our teeth are not naturally bright white. In addition, they tend to change colour over time due to a number of reasons.

Why Teeth Tend to Change Colour

It can be about the drinks you consume or food you eat. Coffee, tea, juice – anything coloured may potentially leave marks on our teeth. Habits, such as smoking, can also cause the teeth to discolour. Add to that, the colour of your skin and even makeup you’re wearing can also affect the appearance of your teeth. Aging is also one reason teeth appear less bright.

What Happens During Teeth Whitening Appointment

The first step is to take a look at your teeth. Then we recommend the best possible solution for your teeth whitening requirements. We want the treatment to be able to match the results you desire.

We will suggest either an in-house treatment or one you can do at home, yourself. We also monitor the condition of your teeth to ensure you’re happy with the progress we’re making.

Types of Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our dental office offers the following teeth whitening options to cater to every budget range and specific need.

  • Whitestrips. If you’re still not sure about going for a teeth whitening treatment, you may want to start with Whitestrips first. These Whitestrips come in a stronger solution than over-the-counter versions, making them work faster. Note, however, that misaligned teeth may not be able to benefit as much. Also, whitestrips won’t be able to effectively address colouring between teeth. They also won’t be able to brighten teeth that have recently received dental work such as crowns.
  • Dental Bleaching Trays. Dental bleaching trays are one of the most popular whitening options. We take a mould of your teeth to create custom fit trays. You then wear these trays for the recommended amount of time each day filled with a bleaching gel. Here at Deer Valley Dental Care we work with you in customising a teeth whitening program. The program depends how well your teeth respond to bleaching treatments. Another factor we look into is teeth sensitivity.
  • Laser Teeth Whitening. Also known as laser or power whitening, Zoom!2 is a one-time dental bleaching treatment that makes use of laser and lights. The whitening solution is applied directly on your tooth surfaces. The dental light activates the whitening solution which assists in reducing discolouration from your tooth enamel. We also provide you with a custom bleaching tray as well as a touch-up kit you can use from home.

We also suggest that you receive a complete teeth cleaning first before doing any whitening. This allows the whitening solution to be more effective and come in contact with more of the surface area on the teeth.

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To help you understand better how this sought after dental procedure works, our friendly and professional staff will be pleased to accommodate any questions. We will also help you decide which teeth whitening treatments in SE Calgary to choose.

* http://www.cda-adc.ca/en/oral_health/procedures/teeth_whitening/

teeth whitening calgary

44 Shades of Grey

teeth whitening calgary
There’s no one standard system to measure and determine tooth color. One tool that is commonly used is a shade guide.

The one pictured above divides the colour into 44 shades and 4 shade ranges:

  • A (reddish brown)
  • B (reddish yellow)
  • C (gray)
  • D (reddish gray)

Within each range are different levels of darkness — which results in a chart detailed enough for almost everyone to find their exact tooth color on the guide.

How white should your teeth become? That depends.

Some people want an instant and dramatic change, while others prefer more gradual whitening. Final results depend on your natural tooth color, how stubborn any stains are and the treatment you choose.