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Sterilization of dental instruments is crucial for patient safety and infection control.

dental instrument sterilization Dental instruments, particularly the reusable ones, should be kept sterile at all times.

At Deer Valley Dental Care, we make sure to sterilize every single dental instrument we use. Dental instruments also undergo regular testing.

Types of Dental Instruments

Dental instruments can be classified into three categories. This depends on their risk of transmitting infection.

  • Critical. These instruments are entered into the bone and soft tissues. They also get in contact with the bloodstream. Critical dental instruments undergo steam via pressure. Examples of these devices are scalpels and scalers.
  • Semi-critical. Unlike the critical instruments, semi-critical instruments do not enter into tissues. However, they get in contact with the mucous membranes. Mucous membranes line various body structures such as mouth. Examples of semi-critical devices are the reusable impression trays. They should be sterilized after every use.
  • Non-critical. These are instruments that are used only for intact skin. Intact skin refers to the healthy skin with no openings, cuts, or scrapes. These types of instruments have low risk of transmitting infection.

How Does Sterilization Work

Deer Valley Dental Care always puts patient safety first. In our dental office, instrument sterilization is done in a central processing area. This way, we get to ensure quality cleaning and disinfecting at all times.

The central processing area is further divided into four areas.

  • First, is where instruments are received, cleaned, and decontaminated.
  • The second one is where the preparation and packaging take place.
  • The third is where the sterilization itself happens.
  • Last is where the sterile instruments are stored.

Strategically designed, the room allows contaminated materials to be separated early on.

The cleaning and sterilization are two separate processes. During the cleaning, debris is removed from the dental devices. This is important as any debris can interfere with the quality of the sterilization.

If you want to see yourself how sterilization process takes place at Deer Valley Dental Care, we’d love to show you around. Let us know if this is a primary concern for you.