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What Makes Using Computer Mouse Hazardous?

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What Makes Using Computer Mouse Hazardous?

what makes using computer mouse hazardous

Computer mouse is a commonly used tool on your desk with a computer keyboard at work.

There are two reasons why using computer mouse regularly can be hazardous according to Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

First, using a mouse requires a person to make small, exact movements with their hand, fingers, and thumb. By positioning, travelling, scrolling, and clicking the mouse again and again, the same small muscles can become tired and overworked. This can cause:

  • Pain (ache, soreness) on the top of the hand, around the wrist, along the forearm, and elbow,
  • Formulation of painful nodules, and in the later stages, ganglion cysts, around the joints and along the tendons
  • Numbness and tingling in the thumb and index fingers

What Should We Do then to Reduce these Health Risks?

Quit our job? Not possible as we all know…

The complete elimination of aches, pains, and WMSD (Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders) may not be possible. However, choosing the right mouse, positioning it properly, and being aware of how you are holding your body and using your muscles can all help.

There are different types of computer mouse in the market you can try, such as traditional mouse, trackballs, joystick, central positional device, vertical mouse. It’s important to try them out and find one that keeps your wrist neutral, feels comfortable in your hand and is the correct size.

If you need more information, check it out at CCOHS.

Pro-gamers’ fancy mouse is not just for looking cool. They better understand how having a right mouse in their hand affects their performance. It’s the same to office workers. Be professional. Our body deserves better attention.

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