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How Insurance Works

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Interested in getting dental treatment but wondering how insurance works? Check this out.

Does Basic Dental Care Cover for You?

Many patients confuse the dental insurance as a contract between the dental office and their employer. But unfortunately, the dental office has no control over the coverage of your insurance plan.

This is because your employer does the negotiation with the insurance company. Hence, the benefits you are entitled to depends on the agreement between the two parties. And more often than not, dental insurance policies only provide beneficiaries basic dental services.

Why is My Treatment Plan Different from My Dental Insurance Coverage?

When we customize a treatment plan for you, we refer to your needs. The dental insurance coverage, on the other hand, is already set beforehand. Unfortunately, dental insurance companies seldom cover 100% of the treatment cost. They usually only cover less than 50% and sometimes, none at all.

Consider too that every dental insurance plan comes with an annual dollar amount limitation. Once you’ve reached that limit, your dental insurance company will no longer cover any treatment cost. That is regardless how important the dental treatment is.

We don’t want you to compromise your dental health because of limitations in your insurance coverage.

Which Dental Treatments are Not Covered by my Insurance?

Dental insurance companies usually don’t cover include bite redesign and cosmetic treatments.

Please keep in mind, though, that dental insurance plans usually work in favour of the insurance provider. They tend to lean toward the cheapest option. However, the cheapest option is not always the best dental solution for you. There are times when the price gap is wide.

Understand that the insurance provider has not seen the condition of your teeth. Nor will they create a coverage plan specific to your needs. Their best interest is in their company’s profit, which unfortunately limits generosity they can extend to beneficiaries like you.

For your dental health, consider your long term needs. If you don’t get the treatment you need now, chances are you will only be spending a lot more in the long run.

How Does Authorization from Insurance Companies Work

Insurance companies usually require authorization before you get any treatment. This allows them to monitor and control the amount of dental work you’ll be receiving.

You can choose to begin with the dental treatment even before receiving the authorization. But please understand that this means you’ll have to take care of the treatment costs should the insurance company disapprove.

We always advise patients on the estimated treatment costs beforehand. The authorization process itself can be time-consuming. Please always remember, though, that the decision of the insurance provider does not change your need for dental treatment.

Regardless whether you have an insurance plan or not, we will discuss with you all the treatment options that are best for you. Don’t let your dental insurance plan restrict the treatment you decide to receive. Deer Valley Dental Care can also help you with affordable payment plans.