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Which payment methods do you accept?

At Deer Valley Dental Care, we accept various means of payment. You can look into various financing options. Cover the cost of your treatment using cash or debit cards. You can also pay via cheques and credit cards – Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

Which treatments will be covered by my insurance plan?

Dental insurance plans can cover a portion or all treatments we offer in the clinic. We’d be happy to assist you in coordinating with your dental insurance provider.

We kindly ask that you leave a credit card imprint along with a signed authorization. The signed authorization is a proof that you approve charging of your card for any amount in excess of your insurance coverage.

What are other things I should take note of?

  1. Payment for any amount not covered by your insurance plan should be made on or before the treatment date.
  2. But in case we are unable to determine the amount covered by your dental insurance plan, we will require full payment of the treatment. Or, you can also choose to sign a waiver expressing your consent to charge your credit card for any amount your insurance provider won’t take care of.
  3. We’ll be charging your credit card instead if, for any reason, the insurance provider has denied your claim on the following grounds:
  • the service is not covered in the plan
  • the claim was submitted after the plan termination
  • the dependant is not on the plan
  • unable to locate the patient

When necessary, we’d also send you documents so you can reimburse directly from your insurance provider.

Are there any financing options available for those without dental insurance plan?

In the absence of a dental insurance plan, you can also cover the cost of your treatment through post-dated credit card payments. We accept a 3-month maximum payment term, with no interest charged on your account.

Please let us know if you’re worried about not being able to afford your dental treatments. We’ll see about ways to make it work, regardless the situation you’re in.